Resolving color issues with a client can be a harrowing experience. “Purple. Can you change it to purple?” can send a designer over the edge and into an abyss that may make it impossible to further communicate with the client and ruin a carefully designed color palette.

But, you’ve got to have the perfect palette to start with . Here are a few hins about getting away from the abyss.


In this article, you won’t see a single color wheel. Instead it shows you a simple color selection workflow that you can use in your next web project.

I’ve never been a fan of color theory. I think it’s because I’ve always been a bit hopeless at it. I’d love to be able to sit there, color wheel in hand, and pick out complementary, split-complementary and triad color schemes, impressing all of my friends, family and clients in the process.

Source: A Simple Web Developer’s Guide To Color – Smashing Magazine