Printed is important

There are three places in my life where magazines are important. The library and Barnes & Noble are the first two.

The library gives me access to more magazines than my finances would allow subscriptions. There are magazine I enjoy scanning to understand topics that are not part of my daily life. There are magazines where all I look at are the photographs as examples of technique and style. And to see what my favorite photographers are shooting. Some magazines bring me new subjects of study or exploration. It’s rare I make a trip to the library where I don’t get lost in the magazine collection. Plus, I can check them out to take home, just like a book.

Barnes & Noble is an extension of the library because it carries far more magazines than the library on more subjects with greater variety of exposition and expression. Love browsing the racks looking for that special issue that usually makes its way into my collection of single issues. Especially the sort of magazines and zines in the article referenced below.

The third place is when I’m tractoring. Figure it out.

Even though paper and ink may seem unnecessary these days, we’re living in a golden age of the page.

Common Sense(s) is a show currently on display at the Center for Photography at Woodstock, New York, that features a compilation of photozines and related ephemera by over 50 artists. Juan Madrid, a previous VICE contributor and staffer at the Center, co-curated the impressive display with artist Carlos Loret De Mola. Since I’m the photo editor of VICE’s IRL physical magazine (which you can subscribe to here) I think a lot about paper and ink and why we keep them around. At a time when people can get all their news and scroll through a zillion photos before they’re out of bed, what’s the point of putting a printed object out? Finding communities and people who are like-minded make me feel a little less insane about the fight for printed matter so I asked Juan and Carlos a couple of questions about the show and their own thoughts about the final fate of print. “

Source: Why Photo Zines Are More Important Than Ever | VICE | United States